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My absolute favourite blog and source of style inspiration right now is Ari Seth Cohen's amazing "Advanced Style". He was struck one day by how fabulous his mother and her friends looked and went searching for other stylish, confident older women to document and share with the world.

“My eyes have always been drawn to older people,” said Cohen, 28. “And from a style point of view, I find them more interesting because they are of an age where they don’t have to impress anyone and can wear what they want.” (Respect Your Elders, 2010, Horacio Silva, New York Times Style Magazine link to article)

A comment on his website from a reader sums up for me why Ari's blog is so great:

"Bless you, Ari-finally fashion inspiration that isn't steeped in convention for women over 50. Move over Betsy Johnson and Vivienne Westwood - Advance is here!" Magge McCann, age 64

I challenge you to take your cue from these inspirational women below and take a walk on the wild side, unleash your inner style-goddess!


Above: Two fabulous ladies representing Aussie Style! On the left this beauty is decked out in our favourite designer Mela Purdie, she wears the Moroccan Tunic and Soft Zip Pants. On the right is a Sydneysider who is just all kinds of cool. Loving the attitude, the hair, styling and the henna temporary tattoo on her hand. 

And some more of my favourite looks from the US:

Bec XO

All images courtesy of AdvancedStyle.blogspot.com

Welcome to the new look ImpulseBoutique.com.au ! We are super excited to introduce all the new user-friendly features we've been working on over the last 6 months with our web team, and to ensure you don't miss any of it we've put together this guide on how to use our new online store and get the most out of your shopping experience. 


We are pleased to announce we now offer Paypal as a payment method. For those of you who already use Paypal, I'm sure you will be pleased as it is so secure and convenient. For those who don't know the merits of using Paypal to buy online, you can find out more about it here. 


We have created drop down menus accessible from anywhere within the site so you can easily find exactly what you're looking for, and quickly. Just hover your mouse over a menu item and if it contains a drop down the list will appear for you to select your search option from. For example you can hover over the Clothing link and then select something more specific such as Tunics, or Leggings. You'll also see Collections here, where we have grouped together pieces which suit certain purposes eg. Travelling, Work, Weekend Casual etc.


You can now sort the products by Price, Popularity, Date added and Title. You can also refine results to a great degree using the left sidebar - you can select a price range, a product category, a designer, a colour and/or a size. For examply you could search for Mela Purdie Tops under $175 in Black, size 12.

To remove your filters just click the 'X' next to it and your search results will change:


I know that when I shop online I want it to be as smooth and easy as possible, and one of my 'pet peeves' is when you find a style you like the look of only to find that it is sold out once you've left your search and clicked into the product. Now on ImpulseBoutique.com.au you will see that sold out products have a notice in the corner of the photo indicating so, before you click into it. We've also made Sale items easy to spot with the same treatment.


Another thing that drives me a little loco when shopping online is having to click through page after page of products, I much prefer to just scroll down and have products appear as I go down. We have introduced this feature on our site and hope you find it saves you some time and give a more seamless browsing experience. When you're finished just click the 'Back to Top' arrow to the left and you'll shoot straight back up to the menus.


We now have a fantastic curated collection of outfits fit for different purposes, to serve as styling/co-ordination inspiration for you. You can browse the outfits by collection, and if one takes your fancy click on it to get a shop-able breakdown of the garments within. 

And shop the look: 


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Our product descriptions are now more clearly labelled and comprehensive, we have links to all necessary information right there on each product. We now also have the ability to show different images to correspond to different colours, so on some items you may find that when you select for example 'white' the images will change to show the product in white. You will also only be able to see the sizes available for purchase so there is no confusion. To see information on the fabric, fit and care instructions, Returns, Delivery and other Help just click the menu items below to reveal more information. 

To the right you will see any outfits the product is featured in, and you can choose how you view the images of the product. Mouse over the image for a rollover zoom, or click to see a full image slideshow. In the future we will have the ability to add videos for each product too!


We're a friendly bunch and always get super excited when one of our lovely customers sends in a photo of themselves or we get to see a picture of them on facebook. We LOVE being able to put a face to the name so thought it might be nice for you to get to know the people behind Impulse... On the Your Team page you'll see photos and a short background on the key members of the online team. 


One of the main gripes we heard about the old website was the customer login section was very limited and not user friendly - we've tried to change that with an easier to use and clearer login section where you can view your orders clearly, change your password easily, store and edit your addresses for easy checkout, and eventually we hope that you will be able to initiate returns from here.

The automatic emails system is also more comprehensive and we hope this makes it easier for you to keep track of your orders. 


For our VIP customers we are working on creating a system that automatically applies your 10% discount at the checkout when you are logged in, but for the moment we must persevere with the coupon code system - all VIP codes were lost with the old site so you will need to contact us to get your new VIP code. 

If you are not a VIP and you're curious about how to become one and enjoy 10% off all full priced stock for life, please ask us how you can join the club! 


- Product reviews to allow for unbiased feedback to help you with your purchasing decisions

- Auto VIP discount

Enjoy our new site, and please feel free to send us any feedback you have whether it is positive or constructive criticism. 

Bec & Philippa XO

I am back from Japan (though I never wanted to leave, but one must come back down to earth eventually!) and as promised here is a visual account of my amazing trip. The thing that struck me most about Japan is the wonderfully gentle and polite nature of the general Japanese population. Despite the fact that there are SO many people, all are polite and respectful towards each other (most of the time) and could not have been more friendly or welcoming to us, even though I spoke next to no japanese and blundered my way across four cities people were incredibly obliging and helpful where they could be.

We were based in Kyoto, and then made lots of day trips to Osaka, Nara, Kobe, Arashayama, spent a weekend on Shikoku island in Matsuyama, and 5 days in Tokyo. Forgive me for the abundance of images, but you must understand I went from 600 down to 40 ish... I couldn't cut any more !!

A temple gate and Sakura blossom in Kyoto

River running through Kyoto city and Sakura blossom

Snails kissing, and fallen flowers in puddle, Kyoto

Gion, (traditional Geisha district), Kyoto

Toll gate and Monorail tracks, somewhere between Kyoto and Osaka

River, Koi, Garden, Bamboo forest - Arashayama

Nara, a shrine where wild deer wander around amongst people, and a sign which basically warns you to watch out for deer on the road, because if you hit one its family will be very upset! So sweet!

Dotonbori, a very busy part of Osaka city, and a stray city kitten who was being cared for by a nice man. He was raising funds to house and feed them by asking for a coin dontion for patting/pictures.

Katsuo-ji Shrine, Osaka

Traditional Kaiseki cuisine and Minoh falls

Wild monkey and stray cat at Minoh

Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing party - traditional for groups to come and picnic at night enjoying the bloom) at dusk, Matsuyama

Dogo onsen (hot spring bathhouse) - the oldest bath in Japan with a 3000 year history - just amazing

Gardens in Kyoto

Philosopher's Walk & Torii Gate, Kyoto

The absolutely mammoth sized Kyoto train station, and Kobe falls

Prime real estate (hah) and the famous red Torii gates of the Inari shrine in Kyoto... featured in the film Memoirs of a Geisha


More of the Inari shrine, and look at the perfect poses of these stray kitties! They sat perfectly next to their fox guardian counterparts for a photo in the setting sun.

And lastly from our Singapore stopover, the Flower Dome Dutch Tulip exhibit, a riot of colour!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these and if you are even vaguely thinking of visiting Japan I urge you to put it on your bucket list because it is simply wonderful. 

Bec XO



Change is as good as a holiday they say.... but change AS WELL AS a holiday is how I do it!
Summer holidays and watching too much trashy TV starring my new style/beauty icon, supermodel Erin O'Connor, recently gave me the urge to chop all my hair off. I have SUPER thick , dark hair which acts like a brain-boiling heat containing helmet in summer so I am thoroughly enjoying the light and breezy feel of my new short hair.
I know many people feel this way at this time of year - "New Year New You" is one of those ubiquitous headlines on beauty pages of magazines and websites - so I thought I'd show you my new cut and give you some ideas for a new look for yourself!! Scroll down to see...

My inspiration : British Supermodel Erin O'Connor at the launch of the show I became addicted to, "The Face", wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit
Me before and after (excuse the terrible haze over the after shot, my phone camera is a bit broken..!)
And my favourite hairstyles compiled for you: 

Bec xo

Posted Wed, 08/01/2014 - 09:48

Mela Purdie Autumn/Winter 2014 - fashion inspiration

*none of the images below contain actual Mela Purdie designs, these are simply reference images from other labels

Yes, I know it's crazy to be talking winter clothing in the middle of summer, but that's fashion - topsy turvy! I'm going to give you a little preview of the kind of thing you can expect from our favourite Aussie designer this winter...

We are all very excited about Mela's new collection, I personally think she has outdone herself with both her fashion pieces and her basics. For winter she has created a feminine, elegant, luxurious collection with a softness and nonchalance to take you from day to night that I think we are all craving after seasons of oversized boxy tops, ponchos and the like. 

We'll see throwbacks to more elegant and flattering silhouettes, like peplum and flip hems, long flowing skirts, tailored dresses, fluid shirting and draping. Fabrics are luxurious and rich for winter, with wool boucle, jacquard, double layered lace, silk animal and rose prints, pure silk crepe, italian wool knits and of course her signature Matte Jersey & Mousseline. Leopard textured and spliced waterproof toppers will also feature, along with an updated denim collection.

For our cool girls who prefer more androgynous and relaxed styles, never fear there is still a wide range of modern, urban styles for you too. The jersey harem pant is a must, and the beautiful Soft Mousseline Cargo is back, and with modern stripes, new spliced separates, denim and slick waterproof anoraks and coats you are set!

The jersey/mousseline colour pallette is feminine, fresh and complimentary: 

Sitting alongside the jersey we have rich neutrals in knits & denim, and a stunning silver Platinum colour in the new Silk Crepe fabric and spliced lace.

 Trends we will see: 

The peplum jacket will be a feature piece in the collection, we adore this elegant and flattering style, a throwback to the fabulous fifties when silhouettes were womanly and curves were celebrated!

Mela always does a fantastic jersey stripe, and this time she's mixed it up splicing wide stripes with thin to strategically create slimming effects in all the right places.

Taking inspiration from runway trends and high street stores Mela has given us a gorgeous, flattering flip skirt shape for winter. This winter is the season of the skirt - you will see them everywhere and luckily Mela has come up with the goods in both short and longer draped styles.

Mela has sourced a fantastic leopard print in silk which will sit perfectly with your existing pieces and new favourites. She has also taken the leopard into her knitwear, with a small range of tonal leopard knits in pure italian wool (including a stunning wrap/pashmina we are absolutely gunning for!)

Continuing the ladylike-cool vibe of her collection is the frilled hem top. I love this look with some slim relaxed pants as shown above, or a pair of denim leggings or skinny jeans under some knee high riding boots. 

Last but not least we have lace - we will see it in a form fitting dress designed with panelling to be extremely flattering, and for those not into the dresses there are separates in the longer sleeved shell top and mid double skirt. We'll see black lace overlayed with nude jersey and the stunning new platinum light grey colour. 

I hope this has got you excited for the amazing winter collection which will start arriving in February!!! 

Keep checking the site for new stock and pieces available for pre order - get in before everyone else and secure your favourites, and if you want to know more, feel free to email me!

Bec xo